Please Note: Images of bouquets shown are for example purposes ONLY. You will NOT receive a ready made bouquet and may not receive these particular Stems with your monthly subscription. We will only supply what we can confidently provide without any undue concern to quality. Your monthly box of Stems, are specified in a monthly newsletter, the month before each "Flower Club" Stems box is released.

How do I cancel my plan?

You will as standard receive an email from our subscription representatives, which will include a link enabling you to cancel your plan at any time. Or alternatively, simply by contacting us, we can cancel you subscription for you. 

New to Stems' Flower Club, or just wish to tell us a change in the type of flowers you would like to receive? Click the link below and tell us your preferences:

Monthly subscription letterbox flowers

Do you fancy a monthly flower fix, then sign up for our "Flower Club", our monthly flower subscription service. Delivering you a beautiful box of Seasonal Stems the first Friday of every month!

How does the subscriptions work?


Can I find out what will be in the next month's "flower club" box?

With our subscription service, you will receive a monthly box of Stems on the first Friday of every month.  Our subscriptions are dispatched on the 1st Thursday of every month, and guaranteed by 4pm Friday. Allowing you to create your very own bouquet for the weekend!

And with our subscriptions, cancel anytime (48 hours prior to dispatch date).

Please Note: Payment will be taken on the 1st of every month, and subsequently a box of seasonal Stems, will be posted out on the 1st Thursday of every month. If payment is received AFTER the first Thursday of the month, your payment and 1st subscription order will not be taken or dispatched until the next calender month. 

Our award winning florist, chooses from month to month, the best in seasonal floral throughout the year. Ensuring you receive only the best!

We guarantee: 

  • Quality flowers, based on what is seasonally best at the time of year.

  • Beautifully curated Stems, to complement one another to make a show stopping bouquet.

  • Fantastic savings, thanking you for your continued support with signing up to our subscription service.

Specifically you will receive; a box of stems, consisting of at least 10 Stems, ready for you prep and arrange into a beautiful bouquet. As well as, a handy hints and tips video accessed through our site.  

Yes you can! Simply sign up to our newsletter and as well as some fantastic offers and news, you will also receive a monthly themed newsletter. Informing you of the next month's theme.

Not sure if you like the sound of next month's theme (which we are sure won't happen), then simply cancel anytime. As long as it is 48 hours before the 1st of the month, you will not be charged.