Stems Foliage Box

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Stems Foliage Box

from 15.00

Stems foliage box is our gorgeous box full of fragrant foliage. Each box ordered will contain a selection of fresh seasonal foliage which has been handpicked by our award-winning florists. The types of foliage included will change regularly, depending on what is in season and in style.

There are three sizes to choose from and you can select a small, medium or large option.

The Stems Foliage box is ideal for a gift or token of appreciation as well as a little treat for your own home. You can choose for a large, medium or small bunch to be delivered. 

Take advantage of our DIY VIDEOS to see our hints and tips for presenting and looking after your flowers. These videos feature a range of floral arrangements to suit a whole range of styles and you should find one to match your style of bouquet.




Every bunch of stems come carefully packaged in our exclusive designed boxes, designed to travel through the post and through most letterboxes*. Seasonal, fresh stems will be selected and the photos shown are for demonstration purposes only. These images represent previous Stems letterbox flowers that have been sent and recieved. 

If you have any questions regarding the stems that maybe in season at this time, please contact us prior to your purchase to enquire. We can however ensure that your Stems you receive will be of the best quality and would have been beautifully curated to create a stunning bouquet.

*Most UK letterbox, not guaranteed.

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