3 Months Gift Subscription

letterbox flower subscriptions
letterbox flower subscriptions

3 Months Gift Subscription

from 65.00

Receive 3 or 6 Stems gift subscription boxes, receiving your first on the first Friday of every month after purchase, and if  2 monthly deliveries chosen, you will receive your second monthly box of Stems on the 3rd Friday of the month.

You will receive 3 or 6 surprise boxes of Stems. But don’t worry, they will be as beautifully handcrafted and charming as the rest! Each box of Stems, will be based on beautiful seasonal blooms available and at their best at the time of year when ordered. Ensuring you only receive  the best Stems through your letterbox all throughout the year.

Free Delivery Included


Please Note:

Every bunch of stems come carefully packaged in our exclusive designed boxes, designed to travel through the post and through most letterboxes*. Stems will be matched as closely to those displayed in the image, although seasonal differences may differ the colour or style slightly.

If you have any questions regarding the stems that maybe in season at this time, please contact us prior to your purchase to enquire. We can however ensure that your Stems you receive will be of the best quality and would have been beautifully curated to create a stunning bouquet.

*Most UK letterbox, not guaranteed.

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