Subscription to letterbox flowers

Get your weekly, monthly or fortnightly flower fix with a beautiful box of seasonal Stems! With our fantastic subscription service, your flowers will be delivered straight to your or a loved one’s door.

Maybe you fancy treating yourself, buying a gift with a difference for a loved one – or maybe even a valued customer? Our subscription service offers the perfect solution. We’ll dispatch your box on a Thursday and guarantee it will be with you by 4pm on Friday, so you can create your very own bouquet for the weekend!




What a great way to keep your (or your chosen lucky recipient’s) house full of beautiful blooms – fresh letterbox stems delivered every Friday straight to your door! Each letterbox will contain at least 10 good quality Stems, which we’ll carefully select for the time of year.

£22 every week.


With our fortnightly service, your flowers will arrive every two weeks (on a Friday) through your letterbox or to your chosen recipient’s door. You can be sure that our award-wining florists will carefully create your Stems letterbox for quality as well as beauty, with at least 10 good quality Stems. 

£24 every two weeks.


You’ll receive fresh blooms on the first Friday of every month, delivered straight to your or your chosen recipient’s letterbox. Each box of Stems will be beautifully curated by our award-winning florists, complementing one another to make a show-stopping bouquet.

£25 a month.


We guarantee

  • The highest quality flowers, selected by what’s seasonally best and freshest at the time of year.

  • Beautiful Stems carefully curated by our award-winning florists to complement one another and make a show-stopping bouquet.

  • Fantastic savings on our regular prices to thank you for your ongoing support by signing up to our subscription service.

With each delivery, you’ll receive a box containing at least 10 Stems, ready for you to prepare and arrange into a beautiful bouquet. 


Payment and delivery

We’ll collect your subscription payments automatically on the first day of each week, fortnight or month as applicable. Your Stems will then be posted out on Thursdays, with the frequency depending on how often you choose to receive your subscriptions.


New to our subscription service, or wish to tell us about a change in the type of flowers you’d like to receive? Just click on the link below and tell us your preferences.

How do I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time by logging into your moonclerk account, or you can contact us directly by email or phone.

Please Note: The images of bouquets shown on this website are for example purposes only. You won’t receive a ready-made bouquet and may not receive the exact Stems shown here with your subscription. We only supply flowers that we are confident are fresh, seasonal and of the highest quality.