Letterbox Flowers from Stems

Flowers ordered online and sent through the post have grown massively in popularity over the past few years. We can understand why, the appeal of quick and easy flowers as a gift, which arrive through the letter box is quite appealing. Unique, fun and the best part, no one has to be in to take the delivery. They can be ordered quickly, straight from your tablet, computer or phone and make a great gesture for a number of occasions. Even for those times when you just need a little ‘To: me, From: me’ treat. 

letterbox flowers

But do you know where your flowers come from? You will probably find that most are put together in a large warehouse. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, we are floral purists and we just wanted to let you know all about the journey that your letterbox flowers and subscription flowers from Stems go on before they reach your door. 

Derbyshire Florist
Derbyshire florist studio

Stems is a part of multi-award winning Midlands florists, Tineke. We are based in a converted mill in Wirksworth in Derbyshire and flowers are our passion. We are a small but lively team of florists who work on some amazing Midlands weddings as well as teach our floristry skills in a number of workshops and professional courses through our Flower School. 

We launched Stems almost two years ago as our passion for delivering floristry standard flowers for everyday enjoyment grew. Each one of our Stems boxes is handcrafted by the same award-winning florists that create our Tineke masterpieces. They are all put together and sent from our beautiful converted Derbyshire mill studio. 

Letterbox flowers by florists
Florist letterbox flowers
Letterbox flowers

The flowers that we provide in our letterbox and subscription floral boxes are sourced from the same trusted supplier that we have our wedding flowers from. Each stem is lovingly conditioned by our small floristry team, before being carefully packaged, boxed and sent straight through the post and to your door. Because we are super kind, we have also created some video tutorials which you will find on our website to help you care for and style your flowers in the best way possible. 

letterbox flowers

We limit our postal days to once a week. This is to ensure that the flowers we send out are as fresh as they can possibly be, straight from the flower market, to your letterbox. Via a little TLC from the team at Stems. 

We hope you enjoy your flowers as much as we enjoy selecting them for you. Click here to find out more and order your floral treat. 

Subscription Flowers

So, most of us have now come across letterbox flowers in one way or another. They are a fabulous idea for floral gifts which can be ordered in a hurry. The uniqueness of getting these flowers delivered through your letterbox is a concept that is not yet lost on us either. A real joy and surprise for the recipient to receive.

Subscription letterbox flowers

But, have you come across subscription flowers before? This concept from Stems allows recipients to receive the treat of flowers in the post not just once, but several times consecutively! Yes, that is a wonderful thought, isn’t it!? This is the ideal gift to purchase for any flower lover in your life, or maybe just a little ongoing treat for yourself. 

As the gift that keeps on giving, our subscription letterbox flowers couldn’t be better. Each month the recipient will receive lovingly, hand selected, seasonal stems which will have been chosen, conditioned and safely packaged up by the same award winning florists from Tineke that create all of our wedding floral creations.

flowers through the post
Subscription flowers
Letterbox flowers

If styling your flowers is an area of concern for you, we have that part covered too. Just visit our website which contains video tutorials for how to best treat, care for and style your box of postal blooms. You will soon have it down to a T!

We have had so many people who have recently chosen to order subscription letterbox flowers as a little monthly treat for themselves. So many of us love fresh flowers around the home, but with busy lifestyles, we want convenience in every respect and there is nothing more convenient than florist standard flowers, hand selected by florists, sent directly to you through the post. Even better, they will arrive each month without you having to lift a finger!

letterbox flowers

Our subscription service is not a contracted plan that you have to sign into for a long period of time. You can turn the service on and off as you wish. 

Want to order your own beautiful blooms to arrive each month? Just click here


NEW! Luxury Bouquets

We are pleased to announce new designs added to our Stems range.

Our customers very much enjoy creating their own designs with the letterbox flowers, using our video tutorials. However, due to demand, there are customers who would also like something extra special and ready to display.

Our luxury bouquets are all designed and hand tied by our award winning florists in Derbyshire. They are then beautifully packaged using high quality tissue paper and Tineke cellophane, before being packed away in specially designed flower boxes for their journey to the lucky recipient.

Take a peek and see what you think!


luxury letterbox bouquets from mail order florist Stems by Tineke.
Luxury handpicked flowers for ordering online
 All bouquets available for Mothers Day delivery, Friday 24th March and Saturday 25th March ready to enjoy all weekend.

All bouquets available for Mothers Day delivery, Friday 24th March and Saturday 25th March ready to enjoy all weekend.

Not just for Valentines Day!

Looking for extra brownie points this Valentines Day?

Maybe you don't really enjoy celebrating Valentines at all! Why not treat your loved one, or even yourself every month?

We have 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions available, and also our Tineke Flower club is proving very popular at just £25 per month.

I know what I'd prefer to receive!

Gift vouchers available to post now in order to present!

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I just love these flowers by post they have been beautiful had the second lot for a week now and still lovely and fresh. thank you so much great idea for the busy life we all lead perfect and flowers make you smile always
— Lindsay Adderson
Fantastic service. The flowers arrived the next day and my Mum loved the surprise! I would recommend this service to anybody.
— Howard Raw
Loved the service, flowers arrived in perfect condition, were easy to arrange and look absolutely stunning. All the little touches and attention to detail with the packaging are really beautiful.
— Stephanie Amirak


Vintage Roses delivered to your door

A lesson in the art of floristry from an award winning brand, taking place in your own home. Luxury letterbox flowers delivered to your door that become a hand tied bouquet. Created by you. So far so good? Then you’ll definitely want to read on…

I’m a flowers girl for sure. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving flowers? I have bought flowers everywhere, the supermarket, the local flower shop, a town centre stall. But nothing quite compares to hearing a flower delivery drop through the letterbox.

After a week of feeling under the weather, I was absolutely delighted to be gifted the luxurious ‘Vintage Glamour‘ bouquet to review by the team at Stems By Tineke.

So who are Stems By Tineke?

Born out of a love of all things floral by an award winning florist at Tineke Floral Designs in Derbyshire, Stems By Tineke came about when owner Kerry decided it was high time the rest of us in the UK were able to enjoy her blooms. And what better way to do that than letterbox flowers?! I’m definitely in.

Kerry is a long established wedding florist who has been in the industry for over 20 years, so what she doesn’t know about flowers isn’t worth knowing. Her bridal clients include Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington and I would love for her to design my bouquet when the time comes!

Stems by Tineke also deliver these luxurious bouquets in bud so we get to enjoy the full life of the blooms.

The Vintage Glamour Bouquet

Beautiful fresh flowers delivered through your letterbox

I actually gasped when I first saw these. I mean just look at the stunning variety, the colours are so captivating and beautiful. Sourced from Holland and handpicked by Stems By Tineke, this bouquet is such a perfect match for my neutral colour scheme, yet a beautiful hint of blush colour at the same time.

In the box I received:  Five beautiful blush pink large headed roses and five roses of the most stunning shade (almost a soft lilac/grey) to compliment. Divine… Five stems of vintage pink spray roses and five stems of Bouvardias.

Letterbox flowers delivered to your home

A lovely thoughtful postcard to remind me of the contents of the bouquet, along with some well needed points on how to get the most from my bouquet and a hand written message from Kerry! There’s also string provided to hand tie your blooms.

Exclusive online tutorial

This is a really unique point of difference from Stems By Tineke and one I found invaluable.

Online tutorial for letterbox flowers
Floral styling for letterbox flowers

Written at the bottom of the postcard is a personal access code. Use this code to log in to the Stems By Tineke website and you will receive an exclusive online video tutorial on how to perfectly style and hand tie your bouquet.

I used this video tutorial (finding it useful to pause and unpause throughout) to arrange the Vintage Glamour bouquet. I even had the stems all laid out ready to go!

The experience of following the tutorial and styling my own flowers was sooo relaxing! I did this whilst Emilia was napping and I found that taking that time to zone out of everyday life, along with a coffee by my side was like a kind of meditation.

Online floral bouquet

And the sense of accomplishment that came with perfectly (almost anyway) hand tying my own bouquet? Priceless. A sense of accomplishment in the everyday for me usually comes from having an unloaded dishwasher!

To sum up, what I really found with this brand is the love is there. The attention to detail is more than just letterbox flowers, it’s second to none. There’s real aftercare too and absolutely hasn’t gone unnoticed.

To read the full blog post and to visit Little Crisp's lovely blog, click here.

Featured Stems

If you to would like a beautiful box of Vintage Glamour Stems in your home, click below.

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Flowers delivered through online order

Beautiful Blooms

With our impending launch drawing ever closer, we knew it was time to trial our service and send out some test 'Stems', for some lucky few to review. Packaging has been at the forefront of the process, to make sure that the beautiful Stems that we source, arrive through your letterbox in fantastic condition.

- "And we can provisionally say, that all is looking promising."

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Featured Stems

This month's featured stems, is the amazingly quirky and rather vibrant; Farmer's Table.

Perfect placed in a beautiful milk churn (as pictured) or simply assemble in a glass vase for a more contemporary finish and with its bold colours and contrastingly different floral shapes, The Farmer's Table would be a perfect addition to any kitchen, table or simply anywhere!

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Behind the scenes at Stems by Tineke

behind the scenes at Tineke flower studio

I'm sure that some of you may know and of followed our up and coming new floral venture - Stems by Tineke. Beautiful seasonal blooms, delivered directly to your door. With additional DIY videos to accompany your purchased blooms, with fantastic hints and tips to get the best from your bouquet.

But along the way, although flowers are our passion, we had many new skills to learn to bring you the very best blooms. With lots of behind the scene efforts that we were expecting, and some we weren't!

Our main moment behind the scenes, was shooting the DIY videos with Lara Elliot and Miss Sammie Designs and of course, with a fantastic couture wedding dress designer next door, we had to nab a quick shot with Timeless Couture, Cristina Lazaretto and Matt Brown Photography.

Our main shoot consisted of lots of retakes until we learnt the angles and the close ups that were best for you, with plenty of scene settings and vase arranging there was plenty of options to play with. With lots of laughter, giggles and of course professionalism, Stems by Tineke has been built on the love of flowers and developing the best way to bring you Stems to your door.