Vintage Roses delivered to your door

A lesson in the art of floristry from an award winning brand, taking place in your own home. Luxury letterbox flowers delivered to your door that become a hand tied bouquet. Created by you. So far so good? Then you’ll definitely want to read on…

I’m a flowers girl for sure. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving flowers? I have bought flowers everywhere, the supermarket, the local flower shop, a town centre stall. But nothing quite compares to hearing a flower delivery drop through the letterbox.

After a week of feeling under the weather, I was absolutely delighted to be gifted the luxurious ‘Vintage Glamour‘ bouquet to review by the team at Stems By Tineke.

So who are Stems By Tineke?

Born out of a love of all things floral by an award winning florist at Tineke Floral Designs in Derbyshire, Stems By Tineke came about when owner Kerry decided it was high time the rest of us in the UK were able to enjoy her blooms. And what better way to do that than letterbox flowers?! I’m definitely in.

Kerry is a long established wedding florist who has been in the industry for over 20 years, so what she doesn’t know about flowers isn’t worth knowing. Her bridal clients include Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington and I would love for her to design my bouquet when the time comes!

Stems by Tineke also deliver these luxurious bouquets in bud so we get to enjoy the full life of the blooms.

The Vintage Glamour Bouquet

Beautiful fresh flowers delivered through your letterbox

I actually gasped when I first saw these. I mean just look at the stunning variety, the colours are so captivating and beautiful. Sourced from Holland and handpicked by Stems By Tineke, this bouquet is such a perfect match for my neutral colour scheme, yet a beautiful hint of blush colour at the same time.

In the box I received:  Five beautiful blush pink large headed roses and five roses of the most stunning shade (almost a soft lilac/grey) to compliment. Divine… Five stems of vintage pink spray roses and five stems of Bouvardias.

Letterbox flowers delivered to your home

A lovely thoughtful postcard to remind me of the contents of the bouquet, along with some well needed points on how to get the most from my bouquet and a hand written message from Kerry! There’s also string provided to hand tie your blooms.

Exclusive online tutorial

This is a really unique point of difference from Stems By Tineke and one I found invaluable.

Online tutorial for letterbox flowers
Floral styling for letterbox flowers

Written at the bottom of the postcard is a personal access code. Use this code to log in to the Stems By Tineke website and you will receive an exclusive online video tutorial on how to perfectly style and hand tie your bouquet.

I used this video tutorial (finding it useful to pause and unpause throughout) to arrange the Vintage Glamour bouquet. I even had the stems all laid out ready to go!

The experience of following the tutorial and styling my own flowers was sooo relaxing! I did this whilst Emilia was napping and I found that taking that time to zone out of everyday life, along with a coffee by my side was like a kind of meditation.

Online floral bouquet

And the sense of accomplishment that came with perfectly (almost anyway) hand tying my own bouquet? Priceless. A sense of accomplishment in the everyday for me usually comes from having an unloaded dishwasher!

To sum up, what I really found with this brand is the love is there. The attention to detail is more than just letterbox flowers, it’s second to none. There’s real aftercare too and absolutely hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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