Behind the scenes at Stems by Tineke

behind the scenes at Tineke flower studio

I'm sure that some of you may know and of followed our up and coming new floral venture - Stems by Tineke. Beautiful seasonal blooms, delivered directly to your door. With additional DIY videos to accompany your purchased blooms, with fantastic hints and tips to get the best from your bouquet.

But along the way, although flowers are our passion, we had many new skills to learn to bring you the very best blooms. With lots of behind the scene efforts that we were expecting, and some we weren't!

Our main moment behind the scenes, was shooting the DIY videos with Lara Elliot and Miss Sammie Designs and of course, with a fantastic couture wedding dress designer next door, we had to nab a quick shot with Timeless Couture, Cristina Lazaretto and Matt Brown Photography.

Our main shoot consisted of lots of retakes until we learnt the angles and the close ups that were best for you, with plenty of scene settings and vase arranging there was plenty of options to play with. With lots of laughter, giggles and of course professionalism, Stems by Tineke has been built on the love of flowers and developing the best way to bring you Stems to your door.