Subscription Flowers

So, most of us have now come across letterbox flowers in one way or another. They are a fabulous idea for floral gifts which can be ordered in a hurry. The uniqueness of getting these flowers delivered through your letterbox is a concept that is not yet lost on us either. A real joy and surprise for the recipient to receive.

Subscription letterbox flowers

But, have you come across subscription flowers before? This concept from Stems allows recipients to receive the treat of flowers in the post not just once, but several times consecutively! Yes, that is a wonderful thought, isn’t it!? This is the ideal gift to purchase for any flower lover in your life, or maybe just a little ongoing treat for yourself. 

As the gift that keeps on giving, our subscription letterbox flowers couldn’t be better. Each month the recipient will receive lovingly, hand selected, seasonal stems which will have been chosen, conditioned and safely packaged up by the same award winning florists from Tineke that create all of our wedding floral creations.

flowers through the post
Subscription flowers
Letterbox flowers

If styling your flowers is an area of concern for you, we have that part covered too. Just visit our website which contains video tutorials for how to best treat, care for and style your box of postal blooms. You will soon have it down to a T!

We have had so many people who have recently chosen to order subscription letterbox flowers as a little monthly treat for themselves. So many of us love fresh flowers around the home, but with busy lifestyles, we want convenience in every respect and there is nothing more convenient than florist standard flowers, hand selected by florists, sent directly to you through the post. Even better, they will arrive each month without you having to lift a finger!

letterbox flowers

Our subscription service is not a contracted plan that you have to sign into for a long period of time. You can turn the service on and off as you wish. 

Want to order your own beautiful blooms to arrive each month? Just click here